As a people we are so afraid of being wrong.

I remember well my cramped fingers around my belief system, the anxiety should my paradigms be challenged, and my protective life-style that merely served myself.

Long story short, I did find out that many of the things I so certainly knew as ‘true’ were not in fact true.

The paradigms by which I did life turned out to be constructs in my mind that merely protected me from psychological ambiguity.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that my head-long quest to remain ‘right’ was in fact robbing me of life.

Long story short, some dozen years later with three-quarters of my judgments about how life is to go blown to bits, and I have never been more alive and more free and more at peace.

The very thing I was so afraid of became the best thing that ever happened to me.

The fruit-basket-upset moments of our lives are the hardest we will ever walk, but they are also the most freeing.

Allow your own set-in-stone knowing system to be shaken a bit. Never know what treasures will be found buried in the foundation.

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