The love of God is easily misunderstood. It is not a feel-nice gushy thing, rather it is a searing of fire.

Get too close and your pride will be burned up. Get too close and perversions will die a ungodly death. Get too close and all self-sufficiency will be washed away.

The love of God is more powerful than anything we know.

It sears us of our fears.

It banishes our excuses.

It purifies us of cockroaches and bed bugs and lice, you know, those nasty habits of judgment and cover ups and false contentment.

Where we are weakened by denial Love sears the covers off and we are stronger like we never imagined.

Where we are crippled in our faith Love forces us to the tallest mountain and then says, “lets walk together.”

Where we’ve given ourselves over to comfort as idolatry Love beckons us out into the wild.

In the Love of God we are never the same.

Before love we rest in our goodness.

Before love we relish in our doctrines.

Before love we jolly in our faith.

Before love we pat each other on the back and say “It won’t be so bad.”

Oh yes it will!

For with Love everything we know is turned upside down. With Love ordinary doesn’t satisfy. With Love our gaze is turned outward, our efforts invested beyond ourselves, and within Love we are swallowed alive.


It’s the key word: Alive

Only in Love are we alive.

And once we are alive we gag on anything that smacks of less-than, of status-quo, of keeping nice.

Life is wrecked in Love.

The Love of God is a mighty tempest that reaches to the far back corners of every nook and cranny of our lives.

The rooms and closets, the sinews and fibres, the crevices of our thinking, of our emotions, are wiped clean.

Seared by fire.

Drenched in water.

Touched by purity.

Exploded by holiness.

Redeemed. Forgiven, Embraced. Celebrated. Restored. Fresh.

Wrecked by the Love of God.

I suggest you stay far away.

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