Aligning ourselves with a calling and a vision over our life can be a scary thing.

Mostly because we start counting the costs and the risks and are not sure we can carry it out.

I have found it is about surrendering people and places and things. For many years my own walk of alignment has seen me relinquishing many concerns.

Each time with each thing it was a crisis of the will where I brought my imagined worst case scenario to the Lord and said, ‘Even if this happens, I trust you and I’ll move forward.’

Each one of these was excruciatingly difficult, always with tears, and always with deep peace afterwards.

And I got better and better at turning my concerns over and relinquishing them.

And since that time multiplication has set in.

Where I once packed up my house and home I now have two.

Where I once gave up my garden I’m now growing lives all over the world.

Where I once turned over influence and ministry it’s become what I can barely now keep count of.

Where I once gave up my troubled church I’m now encompassed and prayed for weekly by numerous congregations in multiple countries.

And this is just a bit of it.

Its an amazing thing what happens when we give up our lives.

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