On this International Women’s Day what comes to mind is the power of a dance, of stepping forward and of stepping back, of engaging forward and of making way.

It doesn’t matter if we are men or women we must all learn to both step up to the plate, and to step back as we make way for others.

If we are only ever stepping forward we end up stepping on others toes. No one else has a chance to speak; there is no give and take.

Women, in their bid for equality, have made this miscalculation. Leaders, and if we are to count ourselves as leaders, must have both abilities. Stepping forward and stepping back.

The strongest among us, the most secure in their ability to step up, are the ones leading the way by stepping back to make way for others.

We receive back what we are ourselves giving. We must not miss this as women on this day.

To find our equality is to stand in a place of taking 100% responsibility for what has become lopsided.

We do not find freedom in men bashing, we do not find respect in a war cry around the holy grail of women.

We find freedom by giving freedom. By coming in shalom and sulha we give out the very things we ourselves want and which we will find as we walk in strong humility (i.e. grace, compassion, understanding) taking our place at the table of the world.

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