As my international work slowed down due to covid, I’ve been making available my content as zoom classes. Some of these classes I’ve hosted a number of times, others have had one run-through. Regardless, we have all been blessed. And it has become such a pleasure to gather together with you in this way.

Meditative Prayer: A most blessed one-hour meditative experience with self and the Lord. During my own recovery from compassion fatigue, plus the housebound time due to covid, the Holy Spirit deepened my years of contemplative habits into a fluid, elegant, settling of time and space and into the peace and joy of the Lord. I share that here. Facilitating this for you and with you. It’s Good! This is a one-hour class with an extra half-hour for addition questions and discussion as folks may want.

Journaling: I’ve been journaling since my teen years. In the decades since, I’ve learned a lot, practiced different things, found ways to make the most of journaling; pen to paper is useful in all arenas of life. Journaling helps us stand back from our own lives, take fresh perspective, finding good solutions for any difficulty, and focuses us forward with fresh gladness. This is a two-hour class with three frameworks taught each class and time to practice these during class time.

Inner Healing Prayer (as a class and a teaching): This class shares much of what the Lord has taught me over the last twenty years as an inner healing prayer minister. It’s an intensive class in both information and some practice of inner healing prayer. I am not intending this class to be a training for other inner-healing prayer ministers, but rather an overview of perspective, manner, and way of inner healing, that you might process through things on your own, personally, with the Lord. This is a two-hour class. Fairly intensive with lots of information, principles, some examples, and live in-class healing prayer.

Advanced in The Kingdom: The preparations for integral works, can take almost as long as the integral work. We don’t seem to talk a lot about what goes into a life before any work, or structure of ministry or service, shows up ‘on the ground’. This class talks about these things. How might we be trusted by The King? How might we move forward into dreams and visions? What is it that the Lord is looking for, within us? What does it mean to partner with God? This is a three-hour class with solid content. You will be blessed.

Let’s Talk About Miracles: We may have love hate relationships with miracles. Depending on your upbringing and experience, long-held beliefs either for or against miracles, it is good to step back and take some perspective. Threshing through our paradigms, perspective, beliefs, about God, miracles, and how this all works in our day and age, can be a great thing to do. This class has lots of room for inquiry, for doubts set out on the table, and plenty of room for a new kind of relationship with miracles.

How to Pray For Your Loved Ones: It is interesting to note that the longer we walk with the Lord our relative position changes. We begin on our knees beseeching God, crying out for help. This is great. Then, we find ourselves brought up and around beside the Father, alongside the Son, and from this vantage point we can see what God is seeing, and we can pray what God is praying. This is what this class is about.

NOTE: Each class must have a minimum of 6 students to proceed. A few of the classes are capped at no more than 20 students. Smaller is important for a few of these topics. The cost of each class is on its respective page.