A favorite place on Mayne Island BC - July 2012One of the things I am busy working at is CCI’s course, Walking in Spiritual Authority.

Module One is in full swing with a full class of students.

Capturing Courage’ Spiritual Authority course is for those who want to do more with their lives for God and for others. It is for those serious about leveraging all of who they are for The King, the Kingdom of God and for people; the great loves of the King’s heart.

Your particular gift set, your experiences, your story, and your unique personality are perfectly matched with the needs of this day and age. Learn how to completely settle into your own life and then into how to give it away.

Your life is currency. How might you invest it? Learn how to express it.

This course will take you from uncertainty and fear to greater levels of courage and boldness in both your personal walk with the Lord and as that translates in this world.

An advanced conversation, Spiritual Authority is comprised of three modules, with each module spanning a two month period. With monthly group encounters alongside personal study this course will give you solid spiritual tools, practical application and new understandings that will harness your best.

Module One: The King’s Heart & Understanding Authority

The entire conversation about spiritual authority must solidly reside within the context of the Kingdom of God and the work of Jesus Christ. In Module One: The King’s Heart we dig deep into the character of God and how everything about who we are can reside within the light of Christ.

  • the King’s heart | the Kingdom of God | Lex Rex | becoming indispensable | value and worth | fullness of God | process | alignment | shining | ambassador of God | sowing and reaping | judgments | intimacy | strength | influence | transparent | safe | bold

In our humanity our understanding of authority is often skewed and misrepresented. Not only have we been hurt by authority in the past, but many of us shrink from authority. In this we leave our legacy of co-regents in the Kingdom of God aside. It’s time to unpack Godly authority and take it on for ourselves.

  • overview of authority | natural authority | positional authority | specific authority | cautions about authority | church authority | spiritual authority | growth | experience | authority gone bad | transformation | anointing | mantles | assignments

Module Two: At the Cross & Leadership

The chaff of our lives must be brought to the cross. Anything that leaves us compromised or weak must have the breath of the Spirit breathed through. The concern with self must be surrendered, with spiritual disciplines taking its place. We steep ourselves in love, holiness, and the covering of Christ.

  • ego | humility | compassion | empathy | emotional health | heart | spirit | discipline | mastery | all about God | spiritual authority resume | prayer | faithfulness | obedience | holiness | permission | cooperation | vision | calling | character development

We will be surprised to find that the Biblical perspective of leadership is far different than we suppose. Not only is it more powerful than we ever imagined it actually will require of us more than anything we ever thought. Stepping up to the plate is the opportunity of our lifetime and a gift to our age.

  • leadership and healing | people | spiritual arrogance | timing | advanced in the kingdom | the second witness | declaration | spaces | spiritual assignment | staying true | brokenness | levels of authority | how big is your sword | bearing witness | words | action | body of Christ

Module Three: Spiritual Authority & Moving Forward

It is in losing our life that we find it. And here in Spiritual Authority we begin to bring all of the prior lessons into a practical grid by which we do life. Under the radar and hidden in the light of Christ has us experiencing and making a difference in our own lives and in this world.

  • war | taking the land | our Lord Jesus Christ | respect for the enemy | birthing authority | expressions | thresholds | heart | will | risk | human | discernment | wisdom | language | cleansing | holiness | presence | markers | no renegades allowed | freedom

We are better together. Move Forward has us settling into the best of each other. In the community of the body of Christ we find a culture of strength and empowerment. We find our impact here and now stretches forward beyond time.

  • answerable to God | who’s on the bus | ministry | how big is your God | fear | support system | persecution | strength needs support | in the game | your team | four pillars | falling | open lives | for the church | transitions | spiritual freedoms | binding | claiming | sealing | eternity

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