I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a few things God does not do:

1. God is not concerned with how comfortable or uncomfortable we are feeling. Rather, God pushes us past our comfort level and beyond what we think we can do.

2. God does not work to maintain our views of life. Rather, God takes us further than our paradigms, beliefs, and best understanding of this world ever would.

3. God does not change what he is about just because we are afraid or unsure. Rather, God asks us to journey in spite of these things.

4. God is not codependent. He does not make decisions, or speak or not speak, based on how you or I might feel about it. Rather he leaves us to carry the weight of our responses ourselves, in this way we grow and mature.

5. God does not micromanage our lives. Rather, we are given room for impetus and intention and invited into autonomy and responsibility.

6. God does not cater to us. He knows this would compromise our strengths and capacity and satisfaction in the long run. Rather, he works unto eternity in our lives in all things.

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