Lies are woven in and through everything we are and think.

Whispers laid down years ago have taken up firm roots in our inner being.

They made sense at the time.

Today we live by them.

So entrenched are they in our system of life that it appears that all depends on them.

But this simply isn’t so.

The only thing that depends on the lies are our less-than’s, our compromises, our self hatreds, our mediocrity, our fears, our dysfunctional relationships, and our coping skills.

And right here is the problem. For we’ve built our lives, in many cases, around these very things.

What would life be without these things?

We barely know.

The difficulty of uprooting the lies from our lives is that we then have to change the way we do life. The lies require one way of doing life, not another.

But the other, thats what we really long for.

And so we are caught in a catch-22 situation.

We don’t like the lies but we do like the comfortable life they’ve afforded us.

Change, on the other hand is always uncomfortable, scary, unsure, imprecise, wrought through with all sorts of risks and the unknown.

The lies are familiar and we can count on them.

Until we become dissatisfied.

Dissatisfaction is the best gift known to modern man. Only the power of dissatisfaction can compel us to give up our lies and go after something more congruent and truer for our souls and life.

Yet even here, we try to squelch dissatisfaction. We shame it and any who carry it. We push it away for its unpleasant side effects within our soul. Rather than asking, “What do I want?” we simply avoid any questioning whatsoever.

We keep pushing ourselves and each other into mediocrity and making do.

We live and die according to the lies.

Until provoked enough to make a change.

Until provoked enough to become dissatisfied.

Who or what is provoking you today?

Make sure to thank them.

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