We are coming to the end of another year and at this time many of us take stock of what this last year has been about and what we might like the next to be.

I’ve never been one for new years resolutions. Making promises to ourselves about what we will or will not do becomes self defeating most of the time. Better to just do it rather than speak about it.

I prefer to envision who I want to be in the coming year. What shifts within my person would I like to see, what new skills might I like to acquire, and if the year could be marked by something, what might that be?

As I’ve been thinking about this for myself, and really doing a review of my last five years, I realize just how many changes there have been in my life these five years and how everything is now settling out.

So as I look ahead I’m not looking at any large shifts anymore, I’m looking ahead to small, steady incremental strengths and for the many new roots to simply grow deeper in every area of my life.

What I’m really going for in 2014 is to fall in love with myself and my life more than ever before; I want to fully drink in the beauty of this life as I know it.

What about you? What might 2014 be for you?

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