My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. I’m heading off to Mozambique for three weeks.

I’ll be ministering alongside 9 churches there. We will be waiting on the Lord’s touch, declaring the Lord’s touch.

As an apostle and prophet the Lord sees fit to my inner preparation. There is little I must do other than rest in his work in my person.

When I first began entering into the work of inner healing and deliverance, some dozen years ago, there were all sorts of compellings that I obeyed.

For instance, before a prayer ministry session I would often find myself fasting for the day prior to and up to the session.

Loosing off strongholds alongside the Lord first required intentional surrendering to whatever he was telling me.

There were times of physical cleansing, of fasting, of focussed bowing to the Lord. I never did any ministry but what God didn’t first instruct me and prepare me. My job was to engage his direction and allow his ministry over me.

And while the exact expression of what this is has certainly changed over the years since, I’m still simply called to be prepared in whatever way God sees fit. For this is his work you see, not mine.

A week and a half ago I found myself, my soul and spirit, being tossed and washed, sorta like sand at the seashore as the waves comes in and go back out again. This lasted for two days.

And in the tossing I could feel the grit loosing from my being. My emotions, my physical health, the state of my heart, the thoughts in my mind, were all being tossed and washed and cleansed.

It was like a good ‘ol romp in bed but with my Lord. Scrubbed clean, refreshed, energized, deep intimacy with God does this.

And this is the primary work if we are to advance the Kingdom of God on this earth. The power and glory of God, to pour through us, requires that we are free of ego, free of pride, free of fear.

For God will not pour his glory through us if there is any part of us sticking out in the midst – he knows we would be destroyed. We are mere flesh, he is spirit, and if we are to operate in the Kingdom of God we must be free of flesh and fully in spirit.

The good news is that God is the author of this work. We ourselves cannot heal or cleanse or prepare us. We can cooperate or not, this is for certain, yet his work is his work. We simply come under it. Under him.

For then glory can pour through our beings and we are not consumed. Power can go forth and its not about us. Rather, lives are changed, hearts are touched, strongholds are broken. Simple as that.

It’s always for someone else, this work of the Lord. We are simply the conduits.

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