“I have loved you with an everlasting love”

In many ways we have our understanding of God all messed up.

Because of God’s all-powerful place in our lives and our world, we forget our role in his kingdom.

We may even think God doesn’t need us, and that we are simply pawns on a large chess-board of life.

What we do doesn’t matter – so the lie is told.

But we miss the fact that God works through human beings. Always has. Always will.

That donation made – the check must be written by a human’s hand and heart.

The encouragement give – because someone chose to notice and to care.

A life valued – due to the commitment of another human being.

Believing that what we don’t matter is the easy way out. Believing God can do whatever, whenever, however, misses the human element that God in fact welcomed and established so many many years ago.

God counts on human beings.

And to those who are advocating God’s heart on behalf of the downtrodden, those who are caring for the unfortunate and neglected, to those who are stepping out of their own safe existences and reaching and risking – to those ones God says, “Thank-You”

“Thank-You for being my hands and feet and for sharing my heart.” – God –

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