I challenged someone to stop dating for a time.

Working on some inner healing and looking for a new way of doing life, this person would do well to set aside a time just for the Lord.

A fasting of sorts.

Now fasts come in all shapes and sizes.

Fasts are not about law, but about relationship.

“How might we purpose ourselves closer to God’s heart this day?” is the question a fast asks.

Fasting enters us into the work of the Spirit.

Fasting welcomes the supernatural of God in and over and through our lives.

Licentiousness is the extreme opposite of fasting.

A commitment to self denies the power of God in our lives.

The attitude of I’ll have what I want, when I want it, how I want it, and to the fullest extent that I can have it, leaves no room for the Spirit of God. None whatsoever.

Of course our words will put it differently than this – we will use words like free will, freedom and love. But its all painted over corpses.

True freedom comes when we walk in restraint and prudence.

Freedom is the ability to not-have, as much as to-have.

Fasting opens the way for the Spirit to heal us, to speak to us, to change us.

Fasting aligns us with the heart of God. It strips us of our veneers and pseudo ways of doing life.

Fasting enters in vulnerability, transparency and honesty.

Here we meet both our true selves and God himself.

Scary at first (because we are used to hiding) we find that fasting opens our hearts to the grace and conviction and regeneration of our Lord.

Fasting is testimony of our hearts intent. Do we want this or not?

What might the Lord be asking you to fast today?

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