When the Holy Spirit says, ‘Take a bath’ then I know that I am entering a new arena in the spirit realm.

I’ve experienced this a number of times before, where the Lord directed and compelled me to take a bath. A real-life bath in a real-life bathtub.

The first time I thought I was a bit nuts. It was back in 2009 and I was going on a weekend away with a girlfriend to her parents empty home. We were using the place to rest and relax and in the midst of my packing I was compelled to include a new bar of soap.

Who does that?!

But as the weekend progressed I found myself on the Saturday evening running a bath and settling into a deep presence of God over me.

Other times since have been the same. Always before a new level of ministry. Once after a heavy duty of outpouring.

Today, I’ve started my day with a bath. I never do that. Baths are reserved for evenings and before bedtime in my world. But today the compelling of the Holy Spirit had me bathing before breakfast.

Most of the time, and particularly lately, I feel most human. I’ve been packing and preparing to move, hanging out with my children, cleaning and sorting, none of which have the Spirit pouring through me per se. And so I’ve been feeling a bit humdrum and less than ordinary.

I am used to the Lord’s presence and while God is still here even when I am just Cyndy, the heavy presence of him I miss.

This bath though, alerts me that indeed life is moving forward. Ministry and freedom in Christ are at hand, not for me per se, but as I pour Him out on others.

And a deep gladness is settling over me. Contentment. Delight.

The work of God is like none other. It is a communion with the Spirit that nothing else matches.

And so now with my body ceremoniously prepared and cleansed for the next outpouring of God’s might and glory, all I can say is, ‘Look to the Lord, run after God, invest in what the Spirit has for you.’

You won’t ever regret it. Even if you feel a little daft at the start.

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